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I also know that most of the propaganda in favour of Sci-Hub, on social media for example, comes overwhelmingly from such sources. You’d think that people trained to research, weigh evidence, consider options and possibilities and work out ramifications and implications could do a better job thinking through the issues around Sci-Hub than tweets saying “yeah! Free books and articles! ¡Viva la revolución!” • Deputy Director of Nanoscopy Center in SLST, ShanghaiTech • The Lord of the Rings: Gandalf is seen in the Distracted Globe. A Cave Troll can be during the final battle in the Oasis. Aech uses an Orc as his selected Oasis avatar. The Battle of Helm's Deep is scribbled in Wade's notebook. A whiteboard behind a female Halliday Scholar lists Isengard and Minas the names of potential locations for the third challenge. • Lena Waithe as Helen Harris / Aech, a Gunter and long-time friend of Wade's who works as a mechanic and modder in the OASIS and engages in PVP matches. Helen's avatar Aech is a male cybernetic orc. As in the novel, Parzival/Wade initially has no idea Aech is female in real life. The novel also states that Helen is lesbian, although the film only hints at this during the sequence in the Overlook Hotel, as she tries to have sex with a female NPC. Inside Aech's garage, numerous spacecraft from science fiction films and TV series can be spotted. Journal "It's pretty clear that linking to lawful, copyrighted material is not in itself an infringement," he said. "But it's less clear that linking to infringing material might itself be infringement." Regards • Chefs May 2020 analysis

Rare’s Sea of Thieves provides a lower-stakes version of the same kind of experience. As players in that game traverse the sea to get their caches of loot back to a shop where they can spend it, other players can attack them and attempt to steal their booty. To be clear, I do completely agree that they shouldn’t be using stolen credentials. I don't fear paywalls. I create, fund, and advocate for circumvention tools because withholding something of value that is instantly copyable and virtually free to share is morally abhorrent. • sci-hub .im • Instructions for Authors • Supplier services That 2015 lawsuit would, however, place a spotlight on Elbakyan and her homegrown operation. The publicity made Sci-Hub bigger, transforming it into the largest Open Access academic resource in the world. In just six years of existence, Sci-Hub had become a juggernaut: the 64.5 million papers it hosted represented two-thirds of all published research, and it was available to anyone.

• isoHunt setting, the social media network will have record of this and may display your name or identifier in relation to this action. 2 • embed • Creative Commons • ^ Khalaim, Andrey I.; Ruíz-Cancino, Enrique (31 August 2017). "Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) associated with xyelid sawflies (Hymenoptera, Xyelidae) in Mexico". Journal of Hymenoptera Research. 58: 17–27. doi: 10.3897/jhr.58.12919. • ^ a b Chawla, Dalmeet Singh (6 November 2017). "Court demands that search engines and internet service providers block Sci-Hub". Science | AAAS. Archived from the original on 23 November 2017 . Retrieved 7 November 2017. • ^ Kotlyar, Pavel (5 September 2017). "Варитесь в своем дерьме сами" (in Russian). Archived from the original on 19 November 2017 . Retrieved 21 October 2017. window.modules["31"] = [function(require,module,exports){"use strict";const speakingurl=require(1221),he=require(640),typogr=require(1250),headQuotes=require(641),striptags=require(52),_isString=require(175),_isPlainObject=require(917),_mapValues=require(192),_isArray=require(141),_toLower=require(963),{fold:fold}=require(609),NON_ALPHANUMERIC_RE=/[_\W]/g,UNICODE_RE=/[^A-Za-z 0-9\.,\?!@#\$%\^&\*\(\)-_=\+;:<>\/\\\|\}\{\[\]~]*/g,DISPLAYNAME_RE=/^[a-z0-9_.+-]{3,32}$/gi;function toSmartHeadline(e){return headQuotes(he.decode(e)).replace("---","—").replace("--","–").replace("...","…")}function toSmartText(e){return he.decode(typogr(he.decode(e)).chain().smartypants().value())}function stripUnicode(e){return e.replace(UNICODE_RE,"")}function toPlainText(e){return _isString(e)?he.decode(striptags(e.replace(/ /g," "))):""}function cleanSlug(e,r={replaceAccentCharacters:!1}){return r.replaceAccentCharacters&&(e=normalizeName(e)),speakingurl(toPlainText(stripUnicode(e)),{custom:{_:"-"}})}function validateTagContent(e){var r=striptags(e);return""===r||r.match(/^\s+$/)?"":e}function recursivelyStripSeperators(e){return _isPlainObject(e)?_mapValues(e,recursivelyStripSeperators):_isArray(e)?\u2028|\u2029)/g,""):e}function removeNonAlphanumericCharacters(e=""){return e.replace(NON_ALPHANUMERIC_RE,"")}function normalizeName(e){return fold(_toLower(e.trim()))}function validateDisplayName(e){return e.match(DISPLAYNAME_RE)}module.exports.toSmartHeadline=toSmartHeadline,module.exports.toSmartText=toSmartText,module.exports.stripUnicode=stripUnicode,module.exports.toPlainText=toPlainText,module.exports.cleanSlug=cleanSlug,module.exports.validateTagContent=validateTagContent,module.exports.recursivelyStripSeperators=recursivelyStripSeperators,module.exports.removeNonAlphanumericCharacters=removeNonAlphanumericCharacters,module.exports.normalizeName=normalizeName,module.exports.validateDisplayName=validateDisplayName;

• Fees • Airplane!: A VHS cassette tape of Airplane! can both be seen on the floor in Aech's Apartment and as part of Halliday's archived films. Shameless • ^ Henderson, Emma (15 February 2016). "Pirate website offering millions of academic papers for free refuses to close despite lawsuit". The Independent. Independent Print Limited. Archived from the original on 17 February 2016 . Retrieved 15 February 2016. • Instructions for Authors If Sci-Hub really is busy hacking into universities’ IT systems to get unauthorised access to articles – which include personal data such as authors names, addresses and emails – then those organisations that are in the EU should be reporting the breaches to DP authorities. Have any of them done so? If there are no such reports then either there has been no hacking, or the Universities are breaking EU law by failing to report the breaches….. countries: number of countries (geolocation by IP address) from which the article was accessed Mr. Tran, I think it was implicit in my comment that “right-thinking people” would be concerned that their use and endorsement of Sci-Hub was contributing to the ills described in the blog post, not necessarily that they personnally run any risk. What academic would knowingly expose their own institution and library to this? • Employer (249) Just to be clear, the comments by Frank are just that — comments — and are not part of this article.

• Comparison of eDonkey software • Reprisal (2019) Website months: number of months in which the article was accessed So how did these journals get so expensive? TED x Youth: “How to Become an Entrepreneur” Is Sci-Hub simply Wikileaks in a lab coat, designed to help Russia attain its geopolitical goals in the 21st century? It’s impossible to know with certainty, just yet. But Jan Neumann, a former officer in Russia’s Federal Security Service who defected to the United States in 2008, said that “only an idiot wouldn’t utilize such [a site]…to screw your ‘chess game partners.’”

https://scihub22266oqcxt.onion (Open this link with Tor Browser) This figure compares datasets of article coverage corresponding to various access methods. These article sets refer to manually evaluated access via the publisher’s site from outside of an institutional network (labeled None) or from inside Penn’s network (labeled Penn); access according to Penn’s library system (labeled PennText); access via the oaDOI utility (labeled oaDOI); and inclusion in Sci-Hub’s database (labeled Sci-Hub). Each diagram shows the coverage of three access methods and their possible combinations. Within a diagram, each section notes the percent coverage achieved by the corresponding combination of access methods. Contrary to traditional Venn diagrams, each section does not indicate disjoint sets of articles. Instead, each section shows coverage on the same set of articles, whose total number is reported in the diagram’s title. The top two diagrams show coverage on a small set of manually evaluated articles (confidence intervals provided in the main text). The bottom two diagrams show coverage on a larger set of automatically evaluated articles. The two lefthand diagrams show coverage on all articles, whereas the two righthand diagrams show coverage on toll access articles only. Specifically, the top-right diagram assesses coverage on articles that were inaccessible from outside of an institutional network. Similarly, the bottom-right diagram assesses coverage of articles that were classified as closed or green by oaDOI, and thus excludes gold, hybrid, and bronze articles (those available gratis from their publisher). • Even then, Sci-Hub also operates on Tor, an anonymous network that is outside the control of typical Internet service providers. “I can’t see any technical way to shut down Sci-Hub,” Suber says. “This is a legal attempt to shut it down, but this remedy is much worse than the disease.” • Electronic publishing var nextTick=require(11).nextTick,apply=Function.prototype.apply,slice=Array.prototype.slice,immediateIds={},nextImmediateId=0;function Timeout(e,t){this._id=e,this._clearFn=t}exports.setTimeout=function(){return new Timeout(,window,arguments),clearTimeout)},exports.setInterval=function(){return new Timeout(,window,arguments),clearInterval)},exports.clearTimeout=exports.clearInterval=function(e){e.close()},Timeout.prototype.unref=Timeout.prototype.ref=function(){},Timeout.prototype.close=function(){,this._id)},exports.enroll=function(e,t){clearTimeout(e._idleTimeoutId),e._idleTimeout=t},exports.unenroll=function(e){clearTimeout(e._idleTimeoutId),e._idleTimeout=-1},{clearTimeout(e._idleTimeoutId);var t=e._idleTimeout;t>=0&&(e._idleTimeoutId=setTimeout(function(){e._onTimeout&&e._onTimeout()},t))},exports.setImmediate="function"==typeof setImmediate?setImmediate:function(e){var t=nextImmediateId++,i=!(arguments.length<2)&&,1);return immediateIds[t]=!0,nextTick(function(){immediateIds[t]&&(i?e.apply(null,i),exports.clearImmediate(t))}),t},exports.clearImmediate="function"==typeof clearImmediate?clearImmediate:function(e){delete immediateIds[e]}; Economic principles Nostalgic See also: Copyright infringement § Legality of downloading To put thinga in perspective, one should consider few things. First of all, the publishers are not producing this material! Scientists (mostly pid by governments and donations) are spending lots of money and time to produce a work which then they submit to a journal. This journal ask for publishing fees (and money for color figures in the 2016!!) and then also asks subscirption fees to people who want to access this material. Most funny thing is that the author, in most cases (4/5 times for me) does not receive a pdf or a copy of the article. This is just wow! window.modules["920"] = [function(require,module,exports){(function (global){ For the motivations of a representative sample of users in the West, please type “sci-hub” into Twitter. Dozens of Western scientists and researchers, identified by name and institution, daily offer ringing endorsements and their reasons for their support in a few pithy characters. The Other Side | Jezebels | The Bridge | Night Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Suspense & Thriller Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Suspense & Thriller Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Suspense & Thriller Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Suspense & Thriller Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Suspense & Thriller Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Suspense & Thriller Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Suspense & Thriller | Audiobooks Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Suspense & Thriller | Audiobooks Our news gives you an insight into our support of EU policy and highlights the scientific research carried out everyday within the European Commission. Related content: • Kuwait (KW) • Children of Men (2006) Unbelievable window.modules["844"] = [function(require,module,exports){var baseEach=require(785),isArrayLike=require(845);function baseMap(r,a){var e=-1,i=isArrayLike(r)?Array(r.length):[];return baseEach(r,function(r,s,n){i[++e]=a(r,s,n)}),i}module.exports=baseMap; I wonder how newer articles at the SC will deal with the disruption of the traditionally exploitative (but oh so profitable) publishing industry, as it increasinlty comes under scrutiny and hopefully long overdue regulation. If you don’t believe me read this article at the guardian! Bobrov E. Open Data can be advanced by the COVID-19 pandemic, but will still require a comprehensive approach. Elephant in the lab (blog) 30 March 2020, doi:10.5281/zenodo.3732948 Hosts material without regard to copyright Highlight the folder "Sci-Hub" (do not enter it) and click "Open". None This project was performed entirely in the open, via the GitHub repository greenelab/scihub. Several authors of this study became involved after we mentioned their usernames in GitHub discussions. This project’s fully transparent and online model enabled us to assemble an international team of individuals with complementary expertise and knowledge. These institutions and funders are also banding together as part of Coalition S: The agreement says all scientific publications that have sprung from publicly funded research grants must be published on open access journals or platforms by 2020. Thank you Gabriel for putting some common sense in – and providing figures that show more than 50% of downloads are NOT from Western countries. Thank you also Gabriel for providing some insight into user motivations. The map is far less useful in presentation terms, and possibly disagrees with Gabriel’s figures, so at minimum the claim that the majority of Sci-Hub usage is from Western countries is controversial. . Apologies to Frank for putting words in his mouth, He indeed said the majority of usage of Sci-Hub was by Westerners for a “pseudo revolutionary lark” – but without providing any evidence of that particular motivation claim. Frank, you will see that I have no problems at all about apologising when I make a mistake. How about you now apologising for making a claim for which you have no supporting evidence? Top 100 Scopus Indexed Journals List for Business and Management with Impact Factor Sci-Hub’s most downloaded publishers up to 2020 Why Researchers Use SciHub though it is illegal? Concepts Context menu • Religion Best Music Until, that is, the Kremlin unintentionally accomplished what Elsevier couldn’t: it got Sci-Hub shut down — at least in Russia. After an isolationist policy enacted by the Kremlin sparked intense bickering between scientists and Elbakyan, she pulled the plug herself. Being punished isn’t fun. Losing your stuff isn’t fun As this is all going on, meanwhile, June is upstairs preparing for something drastic: She’s found a shotgun in a chest. She creaks it open, and loads it, vying with all her might to keep quiet — and she does. She even gets to the point where she has a clear shot at both of them. But as Serena cries, June shakes, woken up to the reality of what she’s about to do. Serena and Fred abruptly leave, since they shouldn’t be there either, and June sets the gun down. She couldn’t do it. Okay so I am a big fan of RPO. It’s what got me into Sci-Fi as a whole. It’s just my only problem with it is when Wade mentions that, if you die, you lose everything. I mean, why would Halliday do that to people in the first place? What makes it worse is that since the OASIS is a virtual society basically, Zeroing Out is the end of the world. It even drives some to suicide. So my point is, Zeroing Out is BS. • Explore career as High School Teacher: overview, career advice, FAQs There is no evidence given that accessing sci-hub to download papers will result in key loggers being placed on computers. So I disagreed with Donald that sci-hub gets credentials by offering free access to papers. (Although it may receive a small number of donated credentials to help with this aspect of its ‘mission’) That’s my only point – there is currently no evidence that accessing sci-hub to download papers will compromise your computer/library/institution. I don’t think anyone should donate their credentials and I am definitely supportive to securing networks against hackers. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Written by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline. It’s a Trojan Horse. And the most highly educated people in the world are falling for it – the same people who, rightly so, are indignant that the Russian government is hacking Western election infrastructures, overruning social media with bots and poisoning people on foreign soil. It’s all of a piece. • YouTube • Best of Wii • Fiction • Newly qualified teacher • ^ Prudom, Laura (August 23, 2016). "Joseph Fiennes to Star in The Handmaid's Tale for Hulu". Variety . Retrieved August 23, 2016. Functionality window.modules["838"] = [function(require,module,exports){var isPrototype=require(839),nativeKeys=require(840),objectProto=Object.prototype,hasOwnProperty=objectProto.hasOwnProperty;function baseKeys(e){if(!isPrototype(e))return nativeKeys(e);var r=[];for(var t in Object(e)),t)&&"constructor"!=t&&r.push(t);return r}module.exports=baseKeys; • Select the folder into which you cloned Sci-Hub-Fy and click "Open". • Portsmouth • Deputy Director of Nanoscopy Center in SLST, ShanghaiTech • Erin Way as Erin, a young, apparently mute, woman who was being trained to become a Handmaid but managed to escape to Canada. [21] What you’ll learn: Everything. Really, you can get a crash course in everything from redox reactions to the origins of life. 3. Big Think [109] • Accepted: February 8, 2018 Right now, sci hub seems to be up and running. If you cannot access science hub try some of the alternative links above, like whereisscihub. This group is to share valuable information about joining PhD or getting Postdoc position in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. • - nottheonion • 1.1.4 France • Music piracy “Well, the way it works is – if you need stuff, and you genuinely believe that the stuff should be free anyhow, then you can just help yourself.” • ^ Henderson, Emma (15 February 2016). "Pirate website offering millions of academic papers for free refuses to close despite lawsuit". The Independent. Independent Print Limited. Archived from the original on 17 February 2016 . Retrieved 15 February 2016. 2. George by Alex Gino • ^ "Ready Player One Star Is Signed On For Sequels". Archived from the original on August 24, 2018 . Retrieved August 24, 2018. The accounts are compromised through Innovative’s WAM proxy 100% }, {}]; • Given, Casey (May 2, 2017). " 'The Handmaid's Tale' is profiting off anti-Trump hysteria". The Washington Examiner . Retrieved July 7, 2018. • September 2019 Please retweet to your friends,help us become stronger! • Butter Project • À propos / Contacts • Matthew H. Todd • Rosa Gilmore as Zoe (season 1), the daughter of a US army soldier and the leader of the group of survivors whom Luke encounters after being separated from June and Hannah. Author compensation depends on the author and their ability to strike a good deal for themselves, just like the rest of us when we apply for jobs, they do it per piece of work. • Yvonne Strahovski as Serena Joy Waterford, Fred's wife and a former conservative cultural activist. She appears to have accepted her new role in a society that she helped create. She is poised and deeply religious, but capable of great cruelty and is often callous to June. She is desperate to become a mother. • Regional Offices The study area, Paleoproterozoic metavolcanics in Dhanjori Basin, Eastern Singhbhum, India, is the rich source of gold associated with sulfide, quartzite veins and Quartz Pebble Conglomerate. ICP-AES analysis of samples from the study area reported the average concentration of gold, silver, copper, uranium, magnetite, lead and zinc as 5ppm, trace, 110 ppm, 50 ppm, 1.5 ppm, 6.5 ppm and 55 ppm respectively. A regional audiomagnetotellurics (AMT) study in the region indicated the presence of shallow conducting heterogeneities. This study presents the results of 3D Electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)/Induced Polarization (IP) surveys for detection of sulfide mineralization over one of these conductors identified from AMT study. The inverted model shows conducting and moderately chargeable zone as a weathered cover shallow aquifers up to 20 m depth. However, for depths more than 20 m, the lithology is broadly resistive with few conductors of small dimensions surrounding it. These are distinguished on the basis of chargeability variations from low (6mV/V) to high (90 mV/V) indicating distinct geological features such as massive sulfide, QPC/quartz vein with disseminated sulfide gold, greenstone schist, and dolerite dike/Proterozoic gabbro anorthosite mass. The future scout drilling program has been concentrated on the identified zones of sulfide mineralization The number of bitcoin donations to Sci-Hub is shown for each month from June 2015 to December 2017. Since February 2016, Sci-Hub has received over 25 donations per month. Each donation corresponds to an incoming transaction to a known Sci-Hub address. See Figure 10—figure supplement 1 for the amount donated each month, valued in BTC or USD. Создательница Sci-Hub отвергла подозрения в работе на российскую разведку или спецслужбы другой страны. При этом она отметила, что не удивлена начавшимся расследованием. Она связывает его с тем, что у нее есть образование в сфере компьютерной безопасности, а в подростковом возрасте она занималась хакерством в качестве хобби. • Canterbury • About Wikipedia }, {}]; • ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p Himmelstein, Daniel S; Romero, Ariel Rodriguez; Levernier, Jacob G; Munro, Thomas Anthony; McLaughlin, Stephen Reid; Greshake Tzovaras, Bastian; Greene, Casey S (2018). "Sci-Hub provides access to nearly all scholarly literature". eLife. 7. doi: 10.7554/eLife.32822. ISSN 2050-084X. PMC 5832410. PMID 29424689. Menu • Deluge see the search faq for details. Also, as I’ve made clear many times, I am totally opposed to Sci-Hub so I don’t need reminding of the stupidity of pro-Sci-Hub sentiments. +1-800-540-1086 The high prices are the result of “running a secure and trusted digital operation at Elsevier’s scale,” Tom Reller, Elsevier’s vice-president of global communications, said in an email to the Star. • • Business Models • Chapter 45 Crash Course/Youtube So far, courts have been interpreting the "fair use case" differently, condemning Sci-Hub. Many intellectuals argue that science should be public and therefore free of intellectual property, at least for the matter of diffusion of the knowledge. Some authors advocate for civil disobedience: e.g. the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto (the author, Aaron Swartz, faced so much legal retaliation that he commited suicide). • ^ a b Murphy, Kate (12 March 2016). "Should All Research Papers Be Free?". The New York Times. ISSN 0362-4331. Archived from the original on 31 October 2016 . Retrieved 23 August 2016. • Privacy and Online Safety • Follow Silicon Valley • Olivia Cooke as Art3mis / Samantha Cook, a famous Gunter, one of the "High Five" and also a member of an underground rebel organization, who works with various allies to ensure the OASIS is kept free and out of the hands of IOI. Designated Survivor The Aunts are the class of women assigned to indoctrinate the Handmaids with the beliefs of the new society and make them accept their fates. She works at the "Red Center," the re education center where Offred and other women go for instruction before becoming Handmaids. Although she appears only in Offred's flashbacks, she and her instructions haunt Offred in her daily life. Her slogans and maxims drum the ideology of the new society into heads of the women, until even those like Offred, women who do not truly believe in the ideology, hear Gilead's words echoing in their heads. 3) https://scihub22266oqcxt.onion (only via Tor; spotty access) • CS1 maint: uses authors parameter -Internalized Gilead's attitude toward women • Related Vertiasium explores key questions and misconceptions in science and engineering, To do so, it uses a mix of experiments, interviews and monologues that feel more like one-on-one conversations. Host Derek Muller and his team often travel to remote locations around the globe to produce videos which, beyond their educational value, are masterpieces in their own right (like this one). Another barrier to publishing in open-access journals may be the publication fee of several thousand dollars, charged to the authors. It is a large amount of money for those conducting research without a grant. Many paywalled journals allow authors to publish for free. • Abstract Politics • About • Historical Fiction Ruth Harrison is Head of Scholarly Communications Management at Imperial College London Library Services, working in various research support areas including open access, research data management, information literacy, copyright, and responsible metrics. As a librarian, her aim is achieving fair and equal access to knowledge. • As per 2020 study, over 27.8 million download requests via Sci-Hub indicates that 23.2 million of these were for journal articles. Also, 4.7 million (22%) of which were articles from medical journals. However, Dynasty had always been heavily involved in education: funding research, supporting high school science programs, and training science teachers, among other things. In order to continue the same line of work, the fund would now somehow have to tiptoe through its involvement in the education system without doing anything that the Kremlin could construe as political activity. some people see society heading today. Could this happen in real life? It seems Name * View photo · Seattle, Washington, United States About Youtuber With a world full of incredible phenomena, it is my mission to use these moments for teaching and inspiration. I truly believe that magic and science are one and the same. Plasma Channel aims to be a leading media source for energy sciences, with an emphasis on High Voltage and High Energy physics. Sparks, arcs, and plasma, it's all just another day in the lab! We're based in Seattle, WA, but broadcast globally. Since Jan 2007 17,141 • ^ "Plan S: Accelerating the transition to full and immediate Open Access to scientific publications" (PDF). Science Europe. 4 September 2018 . Retrieved 13 September 2018. The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Wed, 20 May 2020 17:13:02 GMT) • Tech blog • 13/07/2020 12:00:00 Over 220,000 awesome students are learning how to dominate their classes, get more done, and land the jobs they want — and you should too. D) She dresses as a prostitute; her mother **I’m not impugning Pitts and DeMarco’s motives here, they may have included evidence at their presentation.** the wrong thing can lead to a swift death, so people guard their • ^ Greshake, Bastian (21 April 2017). "Looking into Pandora's Box: The Content ofSci-Hub and its Usage". F1000Research. 6: 541. doi: 10.12688/f1000research.11366.1. ISSN 2046-1402. PMC 5428489. PMID 28529712. • Prize system • Easily Capture Stunning Photos & Video With The Sony Xperia 1 Smartphone At Best Buy • Drama • February 2014 In the first version of this study ( Himmelstein et al., 2017a), we mistakenly treated the log events as requests rather than downloads. Fortunately, Sci-Hub reviewed the preprint in a series of tweets, and pointed out the error, stating “in Sci-Hub access logs released previous year, all requests are resolved requests, i.e. user successfully downloaded PDF with that DOI … unresolved requests are not saved”. Interestingly however, 198,600 access events from the logs pointed to DOIs that were not in Sci-Hub’s subsequent DOI catalog. 99.1% of these events — corresponding to DOIs logged as accessed despite later being absent from Sci-Hub — were for book chapters. Upon further investigation, we identified several DOIs in this category that Sci-Hub redirected to LibGen book records as of September 2017. The LibGen landing pages were for the entire books, which contained the queried chapters, and were part of LibGen’s book (not scimag) collection. The explanation that Sci-Hub outsources some book access to LibGen (and logged such requests as accessed) is corroborated by Elbakyan’s statement that ( Elbakyan, 2017): “Currently, the Sci-Hub does not store books, for books users are redirected to LibGen, but not for research papers. In future, I also want to expand the Sci-Hub repository and add books too.” Nonetheless, Sci-Hub’s catalog contains 72.4% of the 510,760 distinct book chapters that were accessed according to the logs. Therefore, on a chapter-by-chapter basis, Sci-Hub does already possess many of the requested scholarly books available from LibGen. supervision. Legal Disclaimer ArXiv currently holds around 1,4 million articles and its costs for 2017 were around 1 million dollars. Call it a dollar a year to archive a paper (although this cost of course also includes some “publisher” services, such as a submission system and a very rudimentary editorial review by peer moderators). A world where publishers would charge something of that order of magnitude, is, I suspect, a world where Monbiot would never have written that opinion piece. Or as Scientific American explains: • ^ Stone, Maddie (15 June 2015). "Academic Publishing Giant Fights to Keep Science Paywalled". Gizmodo. Gawker Media. Archived from the original on 6 October 2015 . Retrieved 5 October 2015. • August 2015 YouTube is great. It really is. But as awesome as it is, there are still some down sides to using it with your kids. Your biggest concern will be your child seeing adult content on YouTube. Thankfully, that’s a fairly easy fix. Here’s how you can turn the safety settings on in under a minute: • ^ Bonomolo, Cameron (February 1, 2018). "New Look At 'X-Men' Star Tye Sheridan in 'Ready Player One '". Archived from the original on February 11, 2018 . Retrieved March 16, 2018. London Spy "Why Can't We Go Backwards?" • October 2009 Channel + Follow View Latest Videos ⋅ Get Email Contact d'Art of Science Video sharing sites During these outages, our investigation process involves us collaborating with the vendor and UITS to identify and suspend the offending accounts. • XI Night 140 minutes [3] • Conferences Chambers C, Tzavella L. Registered Reports: Past, Present and Future. doi:10.31222/OSF.IO/43298 Through careful direction and precise writing shaped by showrunner Bruce Miller, this is a drama that is remarkable in its ability to horrify while maintaining a delicate air. As threatening and oppressive as the world of Gilead is, the series has an energetic stamina about it that prevents the story from sinking under the weight of despondency.