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An important factor here is the rate at which Sci-Hub adoption will grow. Our manuscript now includes two distinct metrics for assessing Sci-Hub's annual growth: 79% according to download statistics provided by Sci-Hub and 88% according to peak Google search interest following service outage. In addition, Sci-Hub released access logs for 2017, which we analyze in Figure 1—figure supplement 1 to show how Sci-Hub downloads per days have increased over time. We observe rapid growth in 2017, peaking in July 2017 with an average of 593,880 downloads per day. Combining the new Sci-Hub log data with information from the Penn Libraries, we calculate that Sci-Hub usage for electronic access to scholarly articles exceeds Penn's usage by a ratio of 20:1. We now discuss how Sci-Hub usage could lead to subscription cancellations by affecting the usage metrics and feedback librarians use to evaluate subscriptions. Finally, we discuss the growth of green open access, composed of preprints and postprints, which may also diminish the need for subscription access. Like Like • Reception Box office • 12 External links The site's operation is financed by user donations. [3] Article sourcing [ edit ] Web search engines allow the discovery of torrent files that are hosted and tracked on other sites; examples include The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, isoHunt and BTDigg. These sites allow the user to ask for content meeting specific criteria (such as containing a given word or phrase) and retrieve a list of links to torrent files matching those criteria. This list can often be sorted with respect to several criteria, relevance (seeders-leechers ratio) being one of the most popular and useful (due to the way the protocol behaves, the download bandwidth achievable is very sensitive to this value). Metasearch engines allow one to search several BitTorrent indices and search engines at once. Relation to journal impact.

• - science • Scientific writing ScienceHuβ is a global science and technology publisher and provides free access to research articles and latest research information without any barrier to scientific community. The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Fri, 15 May 2020 17:13:02 GMT) • Margaret Atwood, Please retweet to your friends,help us become stronger! • hide • Artificial scarcity

We find strong evidence that Sci-Hub is primarily used to circumvent paywalls. In particular, users accessed articles from toll access journals much more frequently than open access journals. Additionally, within toll access journals, Sci-Hub provided higher coverage of articles in the closed and green categories (paywalled by the publisher) as opposed to the hybrid and bronze categories (available gratis from the publisher). Accordingly, many users likely only resort to Sci-Hub when access through a commercial database is cumbersome or costly. Finally, we observed evidence that Sci-Hub’s primary operational focus is circumventing paywalls rather than compiling all literature, as archiving was deactivated in 2015 for several journals that exemplify openness. Attesting to its success in this mission, Sci-Hub’s database already contains more toll access articles than are immediately accessible via the University of Pennsylvania, a leading research university. ACS’s injunction wasn’t the first such web-blocking order — and though ACS said that it wouldn’t pursue ISPs or search engines not in “active participation” with Sci-Hub, the case is one of several that are increasingly making ISPs the pressure points of enforcing copyright. The list of governments that have blocked the site PirateBay by pressuring ISPs into denying access to the site has its own Wikipedia page. The aforementioned AAP and UK Publishers Association case against several ebook pirates also pressured ISPs into blocking access to those sites. Earlier this year, a coalition of Hollywood organizations forced Australian ISPs to block dozens of piracy sites. Please take a look at the excellent work that Research4Life and EIFL carry out. and and Nominated • sci-hub .ee • online • Glycopeptide Synthesis • Grey literature • biological • YIFY

• WebTorrent The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Wed, 13 May 2020 17:13:01 GMT) - The First Rule of Punk by Celia C. Pérez You can add extensions and apps to your computer from a mobile device. To get started, browse or search the web in a Chrome window, find the extension or app you want, and tap on the link. Learn More The Collaborative Data Hub - Node 2 and Node 3 will not be affected by the maintenance. The film portrays the Oasis well, creating a suitable spectacle and keeping a clear separation between real and virtual worlds without making the avatar versions of the characters too cold or unsympathetic. Cline describes the Oasis as “photorealistic but not like real life”. The characters are humanoid but with otherworldly traits; they have exaggerated, anime-like, facial features and, in some cases, robotic limbs. Mam dość, nie będę więcej kupować gier… i to jest problem - felieton Full-time only That hasn’t happened yet, but the movement has inspired people to create thousands of Open Access journals including PLOS (the Public Library of Sciences). The movement has also pushed many publishers to allow scientists to upload their research to Open Access repositories like — which are currently the largest legal source of Open Access papers. The movement has been so successful that even the government has shown signs of supporting it. For instance, in 2013, the Obama administration mandated that copies of research conducted through federal agencies must be uploaded to free repositories within 12 months of publishing. • 3.2 Filming

Aug 5, 2016 9. The manuscript files should be given the last name of the first author. Submit manuscripts as e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office. # researchmethods Elsevier doesn’t oppose Open Access, says the Coalition for Responsible Sharing’s Milne. “I can say with confidence that all the members of the Coalition (Elsevier included) embrace open access,” Milne says. (He refused to answer any line of questioning that focused too heavily on any one publisher’s actions.) Every one of the members of the coalition has their own Open Access journals. And they all also allow scientists to upload a copy of preprint, non-peer-reviewed papers to Open Access archives. • - photoshopbattles Gelman A and Loken E (2013) The garden of forking paths: Why multiple comparisons can be a problem, even when there is no “fishing expedition” or “p-hacking” and the research hypothesis was posited ahead of time. • within 25 miles

• Custom Monoclonal Antibodies 36 ( list of episodes) • Classics Arrested Development • sci-hub nz / / / View all 23 stories 关注微信公众号(科研的路上),回复“ scihub”获取更多免费科研工具哦! window.modules["31"] = [function(require,module,exports){"use strict";const speakingurl=require(1221),he=require(640),typogr=require(1250),headQuotes=require(641),striptags=require(52),_isString=require(175),_isPlainObject=require(917),_mapValues=require(192),_isArray=require(141),_toLower=require(963),{fold:fold}=require(609),NON_ALPHANUMERIC_RE=/[_\W]/g,UNICODE_RE=/[^A-Za-z 0-9\.,\?!@#\$%\^&\*\(\)-_=\+;:<>\/\\\|\}\{\[\]~]*/g,DISPLAYNAME_RE=/^[a-z0-9_.+-]{3,32}$/gi;function toSmartHeadline(e){return headQuotes(he.decode(e)).replace("---","—").replace("--","–").replace("...","…")}function toSmartText(e){return he.decode(typogr(he.decode(e)).chain().smartypants().value())}function stripUnicode(e){return e.replace(UNICODE_RE,"")}function toPlainText(e){return _isString(e)?he.decode(striptags(e.replace(/ /g," "))):""}function cleanSlug(e,r={replaceAccentCharacters:!1}){return r.replaceAccentCharacters&&(e=normalizeName(e)),speakingurl(toPlainText(stripUnicode(e)),{custom:{_:"-"}})}function validateTagContent(e){var r=striptags(e);return""===r||r.match(/^\s+$/)?"":e}function recursivelyStripSeperators(e){return _isPlainObject(e)?_mapValues(e,recursivelyStripSeperators):_isArray(e)?\u2028|\u2029)/g,""):e}function removeNonAlphanumericCharacters(e=""){return e.replace(NON_ALPHANUMERIC_RE,"")}function normalizeName(e){return fold(_toLower(e.trim()))}function validateDisplayName(e){return e.match(DISPLAYNAME_RE)}module.exports.toSmartHeadline=toSmartHeadline,module.exports.toSmartText=toSmartText,module.exports.stripUnicode=stripUnicode,module.exports.toPlainText=toPlainText,module.exports.cleanSlug=cleanSlug,module.exports.validateTagContent=validateTagContent,module.exports.recursivelyStripSeperators=recursivelyStripSeperators,module.exports.removeNonAlphanumericCharacters=removeNonAlphanumericCharacters,module.exports.normalizeName=normalizeName,module.exports.validateDisplayName=validateDisplayName; • Tamil Rockers We do believe it was part of a phishing attack. The Scholarly Kitchen is a moderated and independent blog. Opinions on The Scholarly Kitchen are those of the authors. They are not necessarily those held by the Society for Scholarly Publishing nor by their respective employers. • Men in Black (1997) lovescihub Besides being an overwhelming large chunk of the "real" economy, the OASIS has players running night clubs, repair shops/manufacturing and mercenary services. It also sells, from an in-game store, very dangerous grieving weapons that someone could use to kill all the players in a large area - and combat is enabled in places including a very high-end nightclub. Yet there's no sign of anyone offering banking or insurance, both of which are more central to any economy than service businesses. • Red Carpet Roundup • IPFS If there is any evidence that sci-hub uses pdf downloads to compromise systems, rather than the targeted hacking approaches described in this article, that would be a security emergency that we should all be hearing about much more than from this blog post. Historic at the Some of these might do bad things to your computer. Users can access works from all sources with a unified interface, by entering the DOI in the search bar on the main page or in the Sci-Hub URL (like some academic link resolvers), or by appending the Sci-Hub domain to the domain of a publisher's URL (like some academic proxies). [45] Sci-Hub redirects requests for some gold open access works, identified as such beyond the metadata available in CrossRef and Unpaywall. Some requests require the user to enter a CAPTCHA. [46] Papers can also be accessed using a bot in the instant messaging service Telegram. [47] The market withholds food when they tell you to pay first before taking it home. The same is fair for an author. No. • Molten Science For more information, read First choice: • Chosen One of the Day Canada About Youtuber Hey welcome to the Domain of Science. I'm Dominic Walliman and I make these videos. I love science, and really like finding ways of explaining it to others because learning something new is the best, and science has a lot of mind-blowing stuff in it. • WebTorrent • LJ Jensen Communism implies an economy. When it comes to data, there is nothing to economize. It's abundant, there's more than enough for everyone. • July 2011 • Ask why your university should support the out-of-date system offered by the vast majority of publishers as a method of research dissemination. Ask why you are participating in a reward system that has nothing to do with the actual quality of your research, and everything to do with a publishing system that hasn’t changed in many decades. • We filtered the access events by excluding DOIs not included in our literature catalog and omitting records that occurred before an article’s publication date. This filter preserved 26,984,851 access events for 10,293,836 distinct DOIs (97.5% of the 10,552,418 distinct prefiltered DOIs). We summarized the access events for each article using the following metrics: Brooklyn Nine-Nine That way you can respawn and keep playing like you would. This page appears when Google automatically detects requests coming from your computer network which appear to be in violation of the Terms of Service. The block will expire shortly after those requests stop. In the meantime, solving the above CAPTCHA will let you continue to use our services. Anyway, my real issue is – is there any reason to believe sci-hub is injecting malware into the PDFs they make available for download? They -could- be, but my virus scanner says no. • Syndication • Monopolies of knowledge • All articles with style issues lovescihub • Gripe site Server log data for the website Sci-Hub from September 2015 through February paint a revealing portrait of its users and their diverse interests. Sci-Hub had 28 million download requests, from all regions of the world and covering most scientific disciplines. • Free Newsletters Former BBC journalist Haran is the virtuoso behind maths and stats channel Numberphile and chemical elements series Periodic Videos. 4. Simone Giertz • ^ "Coalition of European Funders Announces "Plan S" to Require Full OA, Cap APCs, & Disallow Publication in Hybrid Journals". SPARC. 4 September 2018. • Shareaza Working Now-> (Updated-1.06.2020) White Screen After Entering Link in Scihub Citationsy is perhaps the world’s best reference generator. Citationsy now has a built-in function that lets you search for free papers and download them called Citationsy Archives. • At the time the website was hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia, where judgments made by American courts were not enforceable, [20] and Sci-Hub did not defend the lawsuit. [18] In June 2017, the court awarded Elsevier US$15 million in damages for copyright infringement by Sci-Hub and others in a default judgment. [18] The judgment found that Sci-Hub used accounts of students and academic institutions to access articles through Elsevier's platform ScienceDirect. [20] The judgment also granted the injunction, which led to the loss of the original domain. [2] [10] [23] Working Now-> (Updated-1.06.2020) • The Temptations: "Just My Imagination" plays in Aech's garage. Best Actress in a Drama / Genre Series It’s a Trojan Horse. And the most highly educated people in the world are falling for it – the same people who, rightly so, are indignant that the Russian government is hacking Western election infrastructures, overruning social media with bots and poisoning people on foreign soil. It’s all of a piece. • ^ "The Handmaid's Tale: Season 2". Rotten Tomatoes . Retrieved January 6, 2019. • Cardona, Maria (May 17, 2019). "We cannot allow 'The Handmaid's Tale' to become reality TV". The Hill . Retrieved June 9, 2019. • ^ Heathers, James (2 May 2016). "Why Sci-Hub Will Win". James Heathers via Medium. Archived from the original on 29 April 2018 . Retrieved 28 April 2018. • Proxy server • Best of Dreamcast Marriages Other subreddits: • 2000+ blog articles The Brain Scoop: “A Beetle’s Beloved Beer Bottle” • About Wikipedia In 2015, Elsevier filed a lawsuit against Sci-Hub, in Elsevier et al. v. Sci-Hub et al., at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. [18] Library Genesis (LibGen) was also a defendant in the case [19] [20] [9] which may be based in either the Netherlands [20] or also in Russia. [21] It was the largest copyright infringement case that had been filed in the US, or in the world, at the time. [22] Elsevier alleged that Sci-Hub violated copyright law and induced others to do so, and it alleged violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as well as inducements to violate that law. [22] Elsevier asked for monetary damages and an injunction to stop the sharing of the papers. [22] You can find links to Sci-Hub on Wikipedia ( or WikiData ( Streaming programs • sci-hub .st Ready Player One suffers from the same flaws as the eponymous novel it’s based on (written by Ernest Cline)—awful dialogue, lifeless characters, and the dubious assumption that trivia is culture. The Steven Spielberg film also suffers from certain hallmarks of the director’s previous work—a forced happy ending, a compromised story for mass appeal, and a convoluted plot that develops from cinematic necessity rather than by logical progression. • hide • Libraries Yes, I remember :) Absolutely ridiculous that displaying a link to a site that could be used for copyright infringement should itself be infringing. Especially in your case, considering you get the links straight from Wikidata. Did Zeit say if they received some kind of takedown notice, or are they acting on their own? Taken together, universities’ subscriptions to academic journals often cost $500,000 to $2 million. Even Harvard said in 2012 that it couldn’t afford journals’ rising fees, citing, in particular, two publishers that had inflated their rates by 145 percent within six years. Germany’s University of Konstanz dropped its subscription to Elsevier’s journals in 2014, saying its prices had increased by 30 percent in five years. • Current Issue Movements The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Fri, 29 May 2020 17:13:01 GMT) Since Oct 2009 • "Enchanting . . . Willy Wonka meets The Matrix ."-- USA Today - "As one adventure leads expertly to the next, time simply evaporates."-- Entertainment Weekly Twyford St Mary's Church of England Primary School • journal • Won From publishers’ perspective, it only made sense. Increasing their own power to enforce copyright claims was protecting their intellectual property. And though the bills sparked intense backlash for many companies that supported them, individual academic publishers like Elsevier were overlooked. days: number of days on which the article was accessed • 5 Notes IOI Staff Member #1: Who is this Parzival and how the hell is he winning? Nolan Sorrento: Here's a better question: who cares? • £10,000 - £15,000 2 • ^ Kwon, Diana (20 February 2018). "Sci-Hub Loses Domains and Access to Some Web Services". The Scientist Magazine. Archived from the original on 22 November 2018 . Retrieved 23 October 2018. • - gifs • give award • Legal aspects • Electronic sell-through Thomas Anthony Munro • biological What else would someone be downloading from SciHub? These documents are not state secrets, they are taxpayer and charity funded research articles that are already available to tens of thousands of academics around the world (and unavailable to thousands more behind paywalls). • • Anonymous P2P Daniel S Himmelstein is in the Department of Systems Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States Contribution Conceptualization, Data curation, Software, Formal analysis, Supervision, Validation, Investigation, Visualization, Methodology, Writing—original draft, Project administration, Writing—review and editing For correspondence Competing interests No competing interests declared "This ORCID iD identifies the author of this article:" 3 CrashCourse Location Sparsholt, Winchester, Hampshire Salary Please see below Posted 28th May 2020 College Sparsholt College Hampshire (inc Andover Campus) Contract Term Permanent Description • ^ Jaschik, Scott (8 August 2016). "Letter from publishers' group adds to debate over Sci-Hub and librarians who study it". Inside Higher Ed. Archived from the original on 14 August 2016 . Retrieved 29 August 2016. • Kuchenne rewolucje, Nominated • Collaborative Data Hub Node 1: from 00:00 UTC to 14:40 UTC, 27-May 2020 • Register library IP addresses and contact details with The IP Registry – a clear communication channel between libraries and publishers. This helps when intrusions are identified because the details can be shared across the academic research community. The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Fri, 22 May 2020 17:13:02 GMT) • Web hosting • ^ VogelOct. 13, Gretchen; 2017; Pm, 3:30 (13 October 2017). "German researchers resign from Elsevier journals in push for nationwide open access". Science | AAAS. Archived from the original on 22 March 2019 . Retrieved 15 March 2019. CS1 maint: numeric names: authors list ( link) • Sharing software • Private P2P Information Systems • 10 tips for getting kids hooked on books • Sci-Hub • janvier 2016 • Pink Floyd: Marching hammers are seen in the final battle. • This site lists free online computer science, engineering and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes, all of which are legally and freely available over the Internet. Throughout this site, other terms are used to refer to a book, such as ebook, text, document, monogram or notes. • Canterbury Since 2015, Sci-Hub has operated its own repository, distinct from LibGen. On March 19, 2017, Sci-Hub released the list of DOIs for articles in its database. Greshake retrieved metadata for 77% of Sci-Hub DOIs ( Greshake, 2017a; Greshake, 2017b). He found that 95% of articles in Sci-Hub were published after 1950. Sci-Hub requests were even more skewed towards recent articles, with only 5% targeting articles published before 1983. Greshake’s study did not incorporate a catalog of all scholarly literature. This study analyzes Sci-Hub’s catalog in the context of all scholarly literature and thus assesses coverage. In other words, what percentage of articles in a given domain does Sci-Hub have in its repository? Results A comprehensive and quantitative comparison of text-mining in 15 million full-text articles versus their corresponding abstracts • You would be required • Comparison of BitTorrent tracker software You can find links to Sci-Hub on Wikipedia ( or WikiData ( The Mindy Project • ^ Khalaim, Andrey I.; Ruíz-Cancino, Enrique (31 August 2017). "Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) associated with xyelid sawflies (Hymenoptera, Xyelidae) in Mexico". Journal of Hymenoptera Research. 58: 17–27. doi: 10.3897/jhr.58.12919. • eDonkey I like your analogy to music, but I don’t see the per-article charge amounts as making sense. Let’s say a journal publishes 10 articles each issue, and publishes 10 issues. If they charged $35 per individual article, and someone bought every article, they’d spend $3500–probably more than the subscription is worth. But if every article were $5 (more than double your suggestion), if someone bought all the articles, they’d only spend $500–probably far less than a subscription. I suppose if you excluded libraries/organizations from partaking in individual sales, you could definitely get away with lowering the price a great deal, but otherwise it could be sen as a “shortcut” for getting the same amount of content at a much lower fee. • Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; • ^ "Les éditeurs scientifiques se liguent contre la piraterie". L'Echo (in French). 16 October 2019 . Retrieved 14 January 2020. Will Sci-Hub push the industry toward an open-access model, where reader authentication is unnecessary? That’s not clear, Harvard’s Suber says. Although Sci-Hub helps a great many researchers, he notes, it may also carry a “strategic cost” for the open-access movement, because publishers may take advantage of “confusion” over the legality of open-access scholarship in general and clamp down. “Lawful open access forces publishers to adapt,” he says, whereas “unlawful open access invites them to sue instead.” Earth, Wind & Fire Sci-Hub has been around since late 2011, but it has been getting publicity recently for it’s refusal to shut down. The website is an unabashed pirate website that provides access to over 48 million scientific articles and publications. The website’s mission is to, “remove any barrier … impeding the widest possible distribution of knowledge in human society,” and they “advocate for cancellation of intellectual property, or copyright laws, for scientific and educational resources.” Certainly strong language, but not an unsympathetic cause–helping researchers and the public bypass academic paywalls. Newbery-winning author Rebecca Stead tells the story of three best friends as they navigate seventh grade. They’ve made a pact—no fighting—and they try to keep their promise through all the physical, emotional, and social changes that come with middle school. It’s a nuanced portrayal of the early teen years, and the audiobook is well done too. • ^ Kit, Borys (March 17, 2016). "Simon Pegg in Talks to Join Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' (Exclusive)". The Hollywood Reporter. Prometheus Global Media. Archived from the original on March 20, 2016 . Retrieved March 19, 2016. Offred desires Luke to make her feel valued, in essence she needs love and a man who knows her to truly value her. Offred then catches herself objectifying her own self and instead says her own name to value her own self and remember how she was once a powerful and superior woman. Then Wade cracks the first clue. Suddenly he’s beset by rivals who’ll kill to take this prize. The race is on—and the only way to survive is to win. • GREENPOWERSCIENCE window.modules["911"] = [function(require,module,exports){var toNumber=require(914),INFINITY=1/0,MAX_INTEGER=1.7976931348623157e308;function toFinite(e){return e?(e=toNumber(e))===INFINITY||e===-INFINITY?(e<0?-1:1)*MAX_INTEGER:e==e?e:0:0===e?e:0}module.exports=toFinite; • - OldSchoolCool • Gnutella2 • If the earth's rotation was different than 24 hours, would the human body and sleep cycle have evolved differently? Unpaywall: 87,322 articles visited by Unpaywall users from June 5–11, 2017. window.modules["90"] = [function(require,module,exports){var baseFindIndex=require(794),baseIteratee=require(833),toInteger=require(913),nativeMax=Math.max;function findIndex(e,n,r){var t=null==e?0:e.length;if(!t)return-1;var a=null==r?0:toInteger(r);return a<0&&(a=nativeMax(t+a,0)),baseFindIndex(e,baseIteratee(n,3),a)}module.exports=findIndex; Please retweet to your friends,help us become stronger! 99.8%